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Land of culture and patrimony
Coloured landscape, Bourdeaux can be discovered by the "perches" villages, the little family graves, romans'churches, castles.

Ten kilometers from Dieulefit, land of potery, you can't miss the visit of the ceramists, real artists who give life to earth and sculpt for our happiness.

There is also "le picodon", goat cheese, the "caillette", the "dromolives", and other honeys, oils and gastronomics pleasures.

Saou's forest...

The propriety of the Drôme departement since november 2003, the forest is what we call one of the beautifulest European synclinal. A big ship coming from nowhere, its formation results from a thrust which fell down because of time and erosion, which give those elevated peaks on the river Drôme.

The peaks culminate at 1549 meters with the "Trois becs", and its different variety of fauna and flowers are impressive because with every other step you can imagine being in another country.

Land of welcome, "le val de Drôme" receives artists,sculptors, musicians, actors, clowns...
You will meet them at the differents local festivals.
In our area, thanks to our festivals, markets, organized outings, etc, everyone, young and olds can find something interesting to do.

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