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I was born in the South Alps. After travelling, my mountaining roots called me back and took me to Bourdeaux and Saoû in 2002.

Mountain guide, I use my passion to discover this part of the country.
I know the region in many ways: people, roads, local artists and patrimony.
By chance I arrived in Bourdeaux, and I decided to stay here by choice.


Christophe 'Détours d'horizon'and Jean-Luc are also mountain leaders and work with me as they are opened to the same ways of walking and telling stories about the area.


Although this area is isolated, it is very opened to new ideas and proud of its origines. An area where the work of the farmers changes the scenery constantly, beetween the Alps and the Provence.

In the Roubion's valley:
Stuning nature and blue skys,follow the goats, smell the Provence, listen to the silence and give a hug to the old stones...

My passions?... Music, Art, telling stories, nature, travels...

What I would like? to show you what I like, finding the little treasures of the country, sharing my vision on a quiet life where simple pleasures are mixed with laughs and sunshine!

lever de soleil sur Couspeau biquette chamoisée miélandre ascalaphe


quartier de Biègue
26400 Saoû
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