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-Saoû, la colombe et le houblon:

discover this small village by one of its beautifuls peaks, its legends and uses. Finishing the day by a visit to taste the local beer.

Dénivelée: 400 m, temps de marche: 4 heures. niveau

-le promontoire des 3 Becs:

One of the most popular peak here! Introduction to what is Saoû's forest: how it was born, how it lived and nowadays...

dénivelée: 1000 m, temps de marche: 6 heures.niveauniveauniveau

-découverte du terroir:

Taste the countryside, the local products and the landscape Pic nic included.

dénivelée: 400 m, temps de marche: 3 heures. niveau

-smells of the peaks:

Couspeau, lavander, point of vue, impression of Mongolia... Here is the feeling of quiet...

dénivelée: 1000 m, temps de marche: 5 heures.niveauniveau

-orchids :

Marvelous flowers which can live everywhere. Come to discover our wild orchids and the magic place they chose to grow in family!

dénivelée: 300 m, temps de marche: 3 heures . niveau

-Escapade caprine:

goats, picodon cheese, art and agriculture...Travel around the discovery of a land which make our coutry side.

dénivelée: 300 m, temps de marche: 3 heures.niveau

-le synclinal sous tous ses angles :

What is a synclinal? How to see it? Let's visit the wild animals ans the typical valey of the Roubion and la Drôme...

dénivelée: 600 m, temps de marche: 5 heures. niveau



  • Adult: 20 to 25 €
  • children: 17 to 22 €
  • Adult: 14€ to 20 €
  • Children: 12€ to 18 €

old village and night walks: half day price.
Special prices for groups and families: contact us!!!